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EventSpace is revolutionizing virtual events by delivering immersive, branded social experiences that empower users to network, connect and engage with each other.
Virtual Conferences
Virtual Conferences, expos and trade shows
Create a virtual venue where your audience can gather and network around topics that interest them. Use spaces dynamically to provide access to presentations and workshops, info booths, vip areas and more based on your event needs. Invite staff to delegate tasks to and host sessions. Sell tickets, collect and retrieve badge information from your participants with check in and registration features.
Prioritize the cause that you’re supporting with a prominent donation path. Build community around your efforts. Update supporters and donors on your goals and progress. Create memorable experiences for donors with VIP spaces and meet and greet opportunities.
Streamers and content creators
Establish curated venues and spaces that put your brand and community first. Provide secure and managed access to you and your content based on your existing list or offer ticketing and registration. Generate authentic connections among your audience and manage the conversation. Create VIP spaces for exclusive engagements with your fans and supporters.
Take center stage with your creative project. Provide memorable and personalized experiences for your fans and supporters and engage with your community. Sell tickets and offer registration for virtual performances, VIP experiences and exclusive content.
Our Team
Our team offers extensive expertise in virtual event organization and software automation, allowing us to identify opportunities to provide seamless technology integrations, actionable data insights, and unparalleled value to our users in time and effort saved.
Joshua A. Jones

Joshua A. Jones

Virtual Events pro since 2007,
Founder The WebiNerd, former Zoom and GoTo, SciFi nerd, Rotarian
Richard Lacerte

Richard Lacerte

VP of Sales
Software sales and support since 2000, founder and coach Xolos Soccer Academy FC USA MN
George Witter

George Witter

Managing Director of Finance
10+ years in business financial leadership, Wharton School alumnus, Army Veteran
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